JudgeCast #182 – Ixalan Release Notes

Vampires and Pirates and Dinosaurs, oh my! Let’s walk the dinosaur together¬†as we prepare for Ixalan prerelease weekend with a review the new mechanics rules changes, and most interesting new cards from Ixalan.

You can check out the official release notes here: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/ixalan-release-notes-2017-09-15


JudgeCast #176 – Hour of Devastation Release Notes

Settle in as Brogan, Bryan, and Jess bring you everything you need to know about Hour of Devastation. Learn about the Afflict mechanic as well as the pseudo-return of Embalm and Exert. We also go over all our favorite new cards and tell you what tricky rules to watch out for.

Be sure to check out the full release notes.


JudgeCast #57 – Things About Stuff (Gatecrash Edition)

Fathom-Mage-GatecrashGet ready for judging and playing Gatecrash with this episode of JudgeCast! We cover all of the new mechanics and a lot of the cards that may be interesting rules-wise during the prerelease!

We also answer all our Gatecrash-related mails. Other mails, your day will come! Aren’t you interested to hear how Phasing and Cipher interact?

Click Here for the full Gatecrash FAQ