JudgeCast #297 : Grab Bag

In this episode Bryan and Charles discuss several smaller “bite size topics” while we gear up for the LoTR Prerelease episode. We go over:

  • What is a Called Draft and should I do one at my RCQ
  • Answering Judge Questions Outside of an Event
  • Giving Too Much Negative Feedback
  • MagicKids by Weirdcards in the Partnership Education track of Judge Academy

JudgeCast #296 – Three Headed Two Headed Giant talks

Join Bryan and Charles with special guest Vona to talk about 2HG. And not just the rules, on no, dear listener, we talk about special considerations in running 2HG events, from the logistics to the pack distribution to increased time in investigations. Give it a listen, and you might learn a bit about why we dont do Comp Rel 2HG events anymore.


JudgeCast #294 – March of the Machines Release Notes

Want to know how battles work? what about transforming tokens? How about Copy effects and Backup. We got you covered. If you also want to know the lore of Segovia and listen to Bryan yell at clouds, we have you covered there too.

Its a Release Notes episode. We talk nonsense.


JudgeCast #292 – Slow Play: I done told ya’ once already…

In this episode Bryan and Charles talk about one of the more subjective infractions in the IPG; Slow Play. We talk about its definition, it’s subjectivity, why it can’t have an objective definition and how to deal with players that might get upset you give them Slow Play. We even talk about Chess Clocks. No, really. Thats been a suggestion.

And, to play into the theme, this episode gets a Warning for being a day late.


JudgeCast #290 – Rules and Reddit

In this episode, Brian and Charles go over the few rules updated with All Will Be One and then we delve into a smorgasbord of recent reddit threads that have caught our eye while we wait for MagicCon Philly.

Topic 1 – Hold Priority: https://www.reddit.com/r/EDH/comments/10xqd6x/players_that_hold_priority_for_a_whole_phase/

Topic 2: Card quality/differences in general: https://www.reddit.com/r/magicTCG/comments/10zxfem/lots_of_art_with_these_weird_wiggly_lines_is_this/

Topic 3: Placeholders as Proxies?:

Topic 4: How to prepare for your first Magic convention

Topic 4: Card art with a side of dong
Potentially NSFW

Topic 5: Magic is expensive, yo.

Topic 6: Weird Judge Call


JudgeCast #289 – Phyrexia: All Will Be One Release Notes

In this episode, Bryan and Charles go over the mechanics and notiable cards from Phyrexia: All Will Be One. Toxic, Compleated, Oil Counters, and that one mechanic that has an exclamation point. Also at the end of the episode we talk about a workaround in EventLink for running a Sealed RCQ.