About the Hosts


Bryan Prillaman
Level 3 Judge – Orlando, Florida
Current Host since Episode 36

Bryan Prillaman has been playing Magic since Antiquities, and a has been a Judge since Worldwake. In real life he is single father of a beautiful little girl and a Systems Engineer by trade. In Podcast Land, Bryan was a host of the now defunct Avant-Card Show, and occasional guest host on other podcasts on the Mtgcast.com network. Bryan is older than the stereotypical judge and tends to drone on about tangents pertaining to 80s cartoons and the Iran-Contra scandal, and has earned the nickname “Mossy.” He is personally responsible for every JudgeCast episode being longer than an hour. But deep down, in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want him on that podcast; you need him on that podcast.
Bryan can be contacted via email at bprill.mtg@gmail.com or via discord as bprill. He also lurks on JudgeCast’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, so just throw up the bro-signal, and he will come running.

Marcos Sanchez
Level 3 Judge – Tampa, Florida
Current Host since Episode 302

Marcos Sanchez started playing Magic again for realsies when Gatecrash was released. (Those blacktop games with Mirage and Unglued cards don’t really count…he was just amused by the chickens.) He’s been hooked ever since, and started judging in 2015 as he got interested in the competitive Magic scene. You’ll often find him tweaking his Amulet Titan deck in modern, or playing ridiculous jank in commander. His personal Judge “brand” is largely based on mentorship and customer service, and he’s thrilled to have a platform to mentor other judges where he can think up segues that induce groans around the world. In his minimal free time, he enjoys playing rock band instruments, and working in a recording studio turning random noises into something resembling music. Over the years he’s even chased the dream of collecting a tournament legal playset of every card in the game – for reasons unbeknownst to logic and reason.

You can find him on almost any social media platform under his alias MJ6Music, primarily as a lurker grumbling to himself about whatever the drama of the day is.


Charles Featherer
Level 2 Judge – New Jersey
Current Host since Episode 281

Charles was introduced to Magic by a friend and LGS owner that wanted to make sure he could keep up with his kids. Eleven years later, he’s now a judge and argues with his younger son at the dinner table about AP/NAP. Married with two adult children, Charles has worked for libraries for decades and has recently earned a graduate degree that declares he is a Master of Information. One of his proudest achievements as a judge was serving as Area Captain for New Jersey. His #1 qualification to join the JudgeCast team is he knows – or pretends to know – most of the pop culture references made by his co-hosts. Charles lives for working side events, building community, and spreading hope (he wears the blue ring).

Charles can be found on the Judge Academy USA-East Facebook group or on Twitter under the handle @mtgdad. Legend has it he can be summoned by waving some goblin tokens in the air. He may or may not have an alter ego, Dr. Judge, who is still mad at , that pretentious hack of a shapeshifting scientist.