Judge Resources

Here’s a collection of judge resources that we don’t like to memorize the URLs for, so we made simpler ones. Feel free to use them.

If you think of any we should add, please send us an email at judgecast@gmail.com

Judgecast podcast – judgecast.com
This page! – judgecast.com/resources
Comprehensive rules (Yawgatog) – judgecast.com/cr
Wizard’s Document Center (IPG, MTR, etc) – judgecast.com/docs
PPTQ Information and fact sheets – judgecast.com/pptq
Judge feeback formĀ (This doesn’t go to us) – judgecast.com/feedback
Best judge booth question – judgecast.com/bearcub
Catster Magazine (Formerly Cat Fancy) – judgecast.com/cats