JudgeCast #300 – Down with OPC (Other People’s Content)

This is SPARTA! Wait, no. This is…our 300th Episode! While my favorite topic to talk about is myself, we put the breaks on that celebration to invite on a few other judges active providing content for the masses. We talk about what makes their projects special, what keeps them motivated, and how it helps others.

Charlotte Sable – Ask a Magic Judge (tumblr.com) – Tumblr

David Elden – Judging FtW – YouTube – YouTube

Rhianna Milton – Ask-the-Judge (Magic: the Gathering Rules & Policy Group) | Facebook – Facebook

Also a big shout out to all the hosts, past and present that have contributed to Judgecast in its mission to teach and possibly entertain.
Sean Catanese
Riki Hayashi
Jose Boveda
Jess Dunks
Roy Shrader
Bryan Prillaman
Brogan King
Jacob Milicic
Samantha Harr
Charles Featherer