JudgeCast #261 – Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Release Notes

Join Bryan and Samma on this tour up and down the Sword Coast as we pull up a chair at the Yawning Portal and talk about the new set over a mug of Shadowdark Ale. Behold the new mechanics as we do a Waterdeep dive into some rules you possibly didn’t know, and probably didn’t care about. Don’t forget to Candlekeep on listening as Bryan critically fumbles his way through a recount of the classic tale, “The Head of Vecna”. And finally we talk about the new MTR and Policy updates that came out with the new set.


JudgeCast #260 – Dice, Dice, Baby

Hello and Welcome to JudgeCast. In this episode Bryan and Samma tackle the very serious, multi-faceted issue of which icosahedrons should be your icosahedron of choice when playing MTG Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. And psychological observation becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in real time.


JudgeCast #259 – Running A Prerelease

Events are starting to happen again and the pre-releases keep coming. In this episode Bryan and Samma talk about things to do before and during a Pre-Release to keep your players happy. We also talk about the unique challenges of running a pre-release solo or with a group, as well as what to do when you are a player in the same Pre-Release you are a judge in.


JudgeCast #258 – Modern Horizons 2 Release Notes

In this supersized episode Bryan and Samma dig deep on the rules and mechanics of several Modern Horizon 2 Cards. If you want to know how Urza’s Saga makes various Modern Decks better, go somewhere else. But if you want to know how Urza’s Saga works under a Blood Moon, or the difference between creating a token, and having a token enter the battlefield under your control then you have come to the right place.


JudgeCast #257 – Returning Mechanics in Modern Horizons 2

In a precursor to the Modern Horizons 2 Release Notes episode, Bryan and Samma go over the returning mechanics in the latest set. All the way from Aftermath to Unearth, we go into more detail than you probably needed to know, all in a quest to make next episode not be 3 hours long.


JudgeCast #256 – MDFCs: Modal Double-Faced Chats

Join Bryan and Samma as they talk about the hot new mechanic of the past year that wasn’t: Modal Double-Faced Cards. You know, those cards that look like Transform cards but aren’t, but still make you avoid yellow sleeves.
We break down when you can cast or play the different sides, how they work with Cascade and Transform, searching and flicker effects, as well as talk a little about policy around them.


JudgeCast #255 – Catching up on the Year That Wasn’t

In this episode Bryan and Samma catch up on whats been happening with Judging during the pandemic, as well as discuss what they have (or haven’t) been doing to stay current.  We also talk about resources that might help you start to get your judge legs back under you.


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JudgeCast #253 M21 Release Notes and Special Guest

In this episode Bryan and Jacob are joined by former JudgeCast host Jess Dunks to go over cards of interest from M21 as well as talk about how wildly inconsistent P/T of whales are in relation to their size. Catch up with Jess as we cover intervening if clauses, copy effects, state based actions, playing additional lands, and all sorts of other rules minutia for the discerning rules nerd.


JudgeCast #252 – Digital Policy Docs and Bannings

Better late than never: In this episode Bryan and Jacob discuss the the recent WOTC bannings, companion rules change, and give first muddled impressions of the new Digital MTR and Digital IPG

Banning and Companion Rules Change – https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/june-1-2020-banned-and-restricted-announcement?asp=4

Depictions of Racism in Magic – https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/depictions-racism-magic-2020-06-10

Digital Policy Docs – https://judgeacademy.com/policy-documents/