JudgeCast #324 Near, Far, Wherever you JAR (Judging a Regular)

Is it a reference to a Celine Dion Song, or a little-known skit from The State. How about both? Both is good.

Join Bryan, Charles, and Marcos as we talk about the Judging at Regular Policy document. This document governs judging at Regular Rules Enforcement Level (REL), which covers the vast majority of events. Everything from 8-player Wednesday night drafts to 200-player Myster Booster Sealed events at MagicCons, the JAR tells us how to handle common problems that can occur in games. The JAR is also part of any L1 exam you might be considering. We go over the philosophy, and the various categories of issues, making sure you know everything you need to know.

If you are studying to become an L1, or just need a refresher, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.


JudgeCast #323 – You Just Lost The Game

Did you know there are a lot of rules regarding ending the game? There sure are! Join Bryan, Charles, and Marcos as we go into the rules around ending the game. There’s a surprising amount of rules around this seemingly simple task. And not just the Comprehensive rules, we talk about Tournament rules and Infraction procedures. There’s even a “blink and you’ll miss it” shout out to the old Platinum Angel/Sudden Death scenario. I won’t spoil the answer; you’ll have to listen. Or Google. I guess you could google it. If you wanted to be lame.


JudgeCast #322 – You down with MH3? Yeah, you know…uh…thee?

Modern Horizons 3 has a LOT of mechanics, and a LOT of cards. So for this release notes episode, Bryan, Charles, and Marcos decided to try something a little different. We each chose our 6 favorite cards from the set to talk about, along with covering a selection of mechanics that may need an in depth refresher for your MH3 Prerelease events this weekend.

We highlight some Nightmares, say Umbra Armor until the words lose all meaning, and have fun with some of the most absurd and interesting names of cards in the set. Join us for this fun look through some super powerful and complex cards from MH3.

PS: Bryan challenged Marcos to try to edit a funny bit – and oh does he deliver. So, like your favorite Marvel movie, this episode also has a post credits scene. Stick around through the very end – just like you do every episode. Right? RIGHT??


JudgeCast #321 – Do Android Judges dream of electric CPVs

Prompt: Write a 2 paragraph description of a Podcast episode JudgeCast where the hosts Bryan, Charles, and Marcos talk about AI in MTG Judging, and then ask ChatGPT a bunch of policy/rules questions and then discuss how well it did.

Response: In a recent episode of JudgeCast, hosts Bryan, Charles, and Marcos delve into the intriguing intersection of artificial intelligence and Magic: The Gathering (MTG) judging. The trio begins by exploring how AI can potentially assist judges in managing tournaments, interpreting complex rules, and ensuring fair play. They discuss both the benefits and limitations of AI in this context, highlighting how machine learning algorithms could streamline the adjudication process and reduce human error. [Bryan: Lol, no we didnt, and no you don’t] However, they also caution about the current technological constraints and the essential role of human judgment in interpreting the nuanced aspects of the game.

To put AI to the test, the hosts invite ChatGPT to answer a series of challenging [Bryan: Simple] MTG policy and rules questions. The questions range from handling obscure [Bryan: Common] card interactions to resolving intricate [Bryan: Simple] gameplay scenarios. After each question, Bryan, Charles, and Marcos analyze ChatGPT’s responses, comparing them to official rulings and their own experiences. They find that while ChatGPT demonstrates impressive knowledge and can provide accurate answers in many [Bryan: Slow your roll there, Chatty] cases, it occasionally [Bryan: Frequently] falters on more complex or context-dependent issues. The episode concludes with a lively discussion on the future potential of AI in MTG judging, acknowledging that while AI can be a powerful tool, it is unlikely to fully replace the expertise and intuition of experienced human judges anytime soon.


JudgeCast #320 – Policy, and Odds ‘n Ends

In this episode Bryan and Marcos go over the April Policy updates. But that’s not enough for a full episode, so we bring in three other smaller topics.
– The Judge contradiction of “I want to be staffed because of what I know, not who I know” vs the sense of entitlement when all the TOs know you.
– When new information is gained with respect to Reversing decisions.
– Open Book vs Closed Book testing.


JudgeCast #319 – SCGCon Atlanta Interviews

Bryan, Charles, and Marcos work an event together. We talk about our time at SCGCon: Atlanta, and then we do micro interviews with many of the judges working the event.
Who are you? Why do you keep judging? Do you have a PG rated story you could share?

Big thanks to all the judges that took time out of their shift to talk to us, and big thanks to Star City Games for allowing our shenanigans during their event.

If you want to share a story, join our discord at https://discord.gg/hQd48guKFR


JudgeCast #318 – Outlaws of Thunder Junction Release Notes

Join Bryan, Charles, and Marcos as we tour this western planet of hats and discuss the new mechanics such as Plot, crime, Saddle, and Spree. We go over nearly 50 cards to help you get ready for your prerelease. The only thing missing is a in depth discussion regarding the different between the Cattleman, the Gambler, the Pinched Front, and the Gus. Which now that I think about it, thats at least worth 50 cents on patreon..


JudgeCast #317 A Bribe Called Quest

“Hey Judge, Can I offer my opponent any extra cash for the RC invite?
In this episode, Bryan, Charles, and Marcos discuss the rules around bribery; what it is, isn’t, what’s legal, what isn’t, and how to handle some common questions that you might run into at your RCQ. If you are a player, this episode will help you stay out of trouble, but it won’t teach you the most common question of: “Ok, so I understand I can’t bribe my opponent, but how can I offer them something for the win.” That’s kinda the same thing.


JudgeCast #316 – Hunter Burton Memorial Open

In this episode, the JudgeCast hosts welcome David Hibbs and Joe (TxJoe) Klophic, to talk about the Hunter Burton Memorial Open (HBMO). The HBMO is an annual Dallas based tournament designed to raise awareness of the impact suicide can have on our lives, and the importance of having a place you are welcome.
David and Joe were the HJ and TO, respectively, for the HBMO this year as it celebrated its 10th year. We talk about how this event is different from other events, its inspiration, and its history. And despite being a charity event, many judges offer to volunteer their time to make this a memorable event for the players.

Previous Episodes with Guests:
https://judgecast.com/archives/833 – Judging Hibbstory
https://judgecast.com/archives/1777 – Forging Ahead with Judge Foundry

Suicide Prevention Hotline – 988