JudgeCast #133 – A Very JudgeCast GP

All three hosts were at GP Atlanta! We spend this episode to talk about our experiences, including what our roles were and what we ended up doing throughout the weekend.

It was a big GP and a lot of fun, and our experiences range from the main event to every portion of side event. If you’ve ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look of how a GP is run, this is it.

And stay until the end for an abject lesson on reading Oracle text from CJ!


JudgeCast #132 – Deck Checks Decktacular

On this episode, the equivalent of the Avengers for deck checking assembles to share our great bounty of knowledge upon you.

We talk about what deck checks are and why we do them (Beyond just the fact that the MTR says to). We also cover our favorite methods for performing a deck check, all the way from the swoop to the check to the return.

After that, we discuss the infractions that can come up as the result of a deck check. Become a deck check master. Learn the secrets.