JudgeCast #48 – Return to Ravnica Rules and Puns

What time Izzet? Prerelease time! In this special, off-schedule episode the judge fellas go over the new rules and interesting interactions that could make you an unstoppable Tyran-Azorius Rex at your prerelease! No need to Rakdos brains about how Overload works, this episode has you covered. So scavenge up those dice and life pads and populate your car with your best pals, and give our podcast a listen!


(Listen, Selesnya and Golgari were really hard to make puns for, don’t judge us)


JudgeCast #47 – You Just Got Regionally Coordinated

On this episode of JudgeCast we have two very special guests: Justin Turner and Sean Catanase! Justin is regional coordinator of the southeast, and Sean (as well as being a creator/former host of JudgeCast) is regional coordinator southwest. Both men are outright cool dudes. We discuss what being a regional coordinator entails and what they can do you for you, the loyal listener.

As always, we also read our listener e-mails and additional tomfoolery. Yolo.

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