JudgeCast #138B – The Great Judge Suspension [Explicit Language]

Warning: Explicit language in this one

As promised, we dedicate this episode entirely to Bryan and CJ’s judge suspension. We cover what happened, discuss why we didn’t report anything, and where we are today.

If you’re more interested in fancy book-learnin’, then this episode is not for you. That’s why #138A is released at the exact same time! Give it a listen.


JudgeCast #138A – Legends of the Hidden Card Error

A new IPG is out, and with it some new changes!

The most major is Hidden Card Error, which we cover in detail here. What is it? When to apply it? And examples galore abound!

There are also some small tweaks to GRV and D/DLP, and we cover those as well.

Toby released two articles on the changes:



And you can always find the latest policy documents at judgecast.com/docs


JudgeCast #137 – Oath of the Gatewatch Release Notes

Another set, another set of release notes. It’s our oath to you to have these episodes.

In this one, we cover the more interesting tidbits of the Oath of the Gatewatch Release Notes! Looking for in-depth coverage on the new mechanics? TOO BAD. That’s in the previous episode. But want to hear thoughts on specific cards! Oh we got you covered.

Release Notes: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/oath-gatewatch-release-notes-2016-01-13

The day after we recorded this, Bryan and CJ got unsuspended! We’ll have an episode on that soon, but Wizards also posted this article on the topic: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/learning-opportunities-2016-01-13