JudgeCast #46 – Apps! Apps! Baby!

Jess missed last episode. CJ missed this one. Now, if we can only get Bryan to miss one. But that’s OK. Because we have James Tiberius Bennett in this Episode. In addition to having the finest beard in the program, James is also one of the primary creators of our shiney new apps.magicjudges.org website for all your event and forum needs. We talk about some recent events, the new tools, and listener email.

This podcast is worth the price of admission!

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JudgeCast #45 – On This Episode, Skip Jess Dunks

You see, Jess Dunks couldn’t make it to this episode so we replaced him with nothing. The joke will make a lot more sense when you listen to this fabulous episode about replacement effects!

We also go over some recent news (Judge apps hooooooooo), older news (Magic Online Judge Open), and some chatter that couldn’t be considered news at all.

Congratulations to Andrew Wilson, the winner of our hug a judge contest!

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