JudgeCast #57 – Things About Stuff (Gatecrash Edition)

Fathom-Mage-GatecrashGet ready for judging and playing Gatecrash with this episode of JudgeCast! We cover all of the new mechanics and a lot of the cards that may be interesting rules-wise during the prerelease!

We also answer all our Gatecrash-related mails. Other mails, your day will come! Aren’t you interested to hear how Phasing and Cipher interact?

Click Here for the full Gatecrash FAQ


JudgeCast #56 – OoOS it or Lose it!

On this episode we discuss the intricacies of Out of Order Sequencing, a concept that comes up a lot in games but is rarely actually noticed or called out.

We also discuss some of our resolutions for the new year and make stupid jokes! And of course we answer listener e-mails from listeners around the world.
Links from the show: