JudgeCast #23 – I Can Show You the Worlds

Hello and welcome to JudgeCast! This time, Sean and Jose discuss Sean’s recent trip to Magic’s World Championship in Chiba, Japan. We also bring you interviews recorded on the event floor and elsewhere (stay tuned for more in future episodes). Interviewees include Takanori Nakamura, DCI Regional Coordinator for Japan; and Alexis Rassel and Clair Dupre, two outstanding French judges promoted to Level 3 at Worlds.

We also answer listeners’ rules questions and debate the merits of changing the fix for Deck Problems. You can submit your rules and policy questions to be answered on the air (and faster via e-mail) to judgecast@gmail.com.

Finally, we leave you with a poem recited from Glenn White, Level 4 Judge from the UK.

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JudgeCast #22 – Pre-Worlds Mayhem. Saito Goes Commander?

In this episode, the Sean (newly relocated to Berkeley, CA) and Jose (still in Sacramento) cover the hottest new things in the world of judging Magic, ahead of Sean’s trip to Chiba later this week. Is Saito Magic’s new Pete Rose? What is “Stalling” after all? Your rules questions, up-to-the minute EDH announcements from Wizards, and maybe some more griping about WPN and MPR dying, but at least we end on a high note!

You can send your rules questions to judgecast@gmail.com, also feel free to send in things you want to hear asked of our interviewees at the Magic World Championships next week!