JudgeCast #71 – You Cast A Spell On Me

As promised, here is our very special episode on the steps to cast a spell. Think you already know how to cast a spell? You might be surprised! Already know how? Well maybe an L0 you know could use this episode. Listen we just make them, what you do with the episodes after that is up to you.

We skip e-mails on this one but don’t you worry, we’ll be getting caught up on all of them in our next episode.


JudgeCast #70 – M14 FAQ Featuring Strionic Resonator

In this episode, we have special guest Jason Flatford on and we cover the M14 FAQ and every detail you may need to know for your prerelease and beyond!

We also spend too much time discussing the exact size of Colossal Whale in comparison to other creatures, and we answer every question about Strionic Resonator that has been sent to us so far. Don’t you all know there are other cards in M14?

Links from the show:

Our episode on M14 rules changes: https://judgecast.com/?p=507

Link to the FAQ: http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/faq/m14


JudgeCast #69 – Tales from the GPit

On this lighter episode, the JudgeCast bros discuss their experiences at GP Vegas and Miami, including rulings, interesting stories, and weird appeals.

Of course we also read e-mails from listeners just like you! (A little note…we can’t answer every M14 question yet until the FAQ comes out, though it should be out soon so feel free to keep sending them).