JudgeCast #32.5 – Women in Magic, interview with Lindsay Brown

In this short interview, Sean interviews his wife Lindsay about her perspective on Magic, judges, and how the game can be more accessible to women. Some of the interview questions were blatantly stolen from the guys over at RedSiteWins in their interviews with their significant others (http://redsitewins.com/2011/08/09/2286/). We’ll look for more opportunities to bring in women who judge Magic as future guests, so stay tuned. Enjoy!

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Thanks, as always, to our gracious hosts at MTGCast.com!


JudgeCast #32 – Ceejsteak and Bananas

This episode, our guest is CJ Shrader, L2 from Atlanta. He’s got a judge conference coming up. You should go. Also, now we know what it takes to become a L3 Judge. Riki helps us cover the checklist and explain some of the rationale behind it. A few crazy-weird rules questions later, we find ourselves reading a great response to our last episode sent to us by the amazing Pete Jahn. It’s an awesome show, and we’re glad to have you join us. Send us your questions: judgecast@gmail.com, or find us on Facebook.