JudgeCast #322 – You down with MH3? Yeah, you know…uh…thee?

Modern Horizons 3 has a LOT of mechanics, and a LOT of cards. So for this release notes episode, Bryan, Charles, and Marcos decided to try something a little different. We each chose our 6 favorite cards from the set to talk about, along with covering a selection of mechanics that may need an in depth refresher for your MH3 Prerelease events this weekend.

We highlight some Nightmares, say Umbra Armor until the words lose all meaning, and have fun with some of the most absurd and interesting names of cards in the set. Join us for this fun look through some super powerful and complex cards from MH3.

PS: Bryan challenged Marcos to try to edit a funny bit – and oh does he deliver. So, like your favorite Marvel movie, this episode also has a post credits scene. Stick around through the very end – just like you do every episode. Right? RIGHT??