Judgecast #309 – Forging ahead with Judge Foundry with Joe Klopchic

It’s a brave new world, with the announcement of Judge Foundry’s launch date coming next week. In this episode, Bryan, Charles, and Marcos welcome Joe Klopchic, one of the founding exploratory committee members of Judge Foundry, and we ask the hard hitting questions you want to know about Judge Foundry. Things like will there be judge foils, what level will I be with this new structure, how much are dues, seriously what’s with foils, and why do I need Judge Foundry in the first place?

Seriously though, we cover as many questions as we can based on what the judging community has been hoping to learn, and have some frank talks about what Judge Foundry means for us all as Magic Judges. Oh, and Judge Apps is back, yay!

JudgeCast Discord: https://discord.gg/hQd48guKFR
Judge Foundry’s Website: https://www.judgefoundry.org
Judge Apps: https://apps.magicjudges.org