JudgeCast #37 – Unlimited Resources

Bryan Prillaman joins Jess and CJ again for another action-packed episode of JudgeCast.  (If you listen real close you can hear a high speed chase in the background, followed by an explosion.  ACTION)  We go over the new abilities coming in Avacyn Restored and muse on what might be in the Helvault.

When Bryan isn’t actually cleaning up his dog’s puke he talks about his recent experience with lapsing abilities, and we go over a few examples to really hammer it home.

Finally, we talk about a bunch of resources you (yes YOU) can use to improve as a judge, and announce the winner of our very first contest!  Got a resource we missed?  Send us a mail at judgecast@gmail.com!

As always, we also read listener e-mails and babble.


Links from the show
Ask Wizards with Comprehensive Rules for Soulbond and Miracle: http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/activity/947

IRC Link: http://wbe002.mibbit.com/?server=irc.umich.edu&channel=%23mtgjudge%2C%23mtgrules

Regional Coordinators: http://wiki.internationalmagicjudges.net/index.php/Regional_Coordinators

Cranial Insertion: http://www.cranialinsertion.com/
Cranial Insertion’s article on layers: http://www.cranialinsertion.com/article/6

Articles by Justin Turner: http://www.gatheringmagic.com/author/justinturner/

Articles by Riccardo Tessitori: http://www.blackborder.com/q/user/2393

Judge Wiki: wiki.internationalmagicjudges.com

Phone Applications: http://wiki.internationalmagicjudges.net/index.php/Handhelds

Judge Center: judge.wizards.com

DCI Family: dcifamily.org

Judge Study Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/175624355828083/

Judge Classes: http://wiki.internationalmagicjudges.net/index.php/Judge_Classes


JudgeCast #36 – If Lapsing Abilities is Wrong Then I Don’t Want to be Right

On this episode CJ and Jess have professional cheater-catcher Arthur Halavais on to discuss how you can look out for Manipulation of Game Materials.

We also discuss the much-anticipated changes to the IPG and the MTR, as well as other policy change that have come up since the last time we recorded.

As always, we answer your rules questions and e-mails and announce our “other judge” contest ending date (11:59 Pacific on Monday April 16)!

Links from the show:
Toby Elliott’s Article on Lapsing Abilities – http://internationalmagicjudges.net/article-1624
Arthur’s Seminars: