JudgeCast #17 – New IPG and Stuff

Sean, Riki, and Jose are back with a plan for this episode, including:
– Reviewing the changes in the new Magic Infraction Procedure Guidelines, Magic Tournament Rules, and brand spankin’ new Fixing Common Errors document
– What do you do if you want to judge but don’t have any local tournaments?
– A major newspaper really really messes up a story on Magic
– Listener questions, including one from a soldier in an overseas warzone, different Ascensions working differently in 2HG, and others
– Declaring a winner in the “You Design the Pro’s Candy Bar” contest!
– Archenemy first impressions and the pitfalls of running Emrakul in an anti-Archenemy deck

Thanks as always to our hosts!


JudgeCast #16 – Slowest. Bolt. Ever.

In this episode, Sean, Riki, and Jose are back with listeners’ questions, stories, and rules and tournament quandries. They discuss how to not kill a Tarmogoyf with the slowest Lightning Bolt ever. Other things covered in this episode include upgrading penalties, split cards, why Jace doesn’t often make you draw extra cards, and much more!

We have a new contest, too. Design a candy bar based on the personality of a Magic pro, and you can win some packs of…the first set of the 21st century! Listen for details.


JudgeCast #14 – Resolving Twin Rico Suave Demons

This time Sean, Jose, and Riki delve into the realm of what you can and can’t say at the end of a tournament when all you want to do is win something or make top 8, using a fellow podcasting team’s examples. The also cover how to break through a Glen Elendra Archmage, fun and useless ways to build a Hellcarver Demon deck, what happens when you play the wrong opponent, and much more.

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