JudgeCast #21 – Ch-ch-ch-changes to the Wizards Play Network!?

In this episode, our intrepid JudgeCast crew is dragged back to the mike, kicking and screaming to talk about recent changes to the Wizards Play Network that may impact events near you. Sean and Jose also cover California State Champs (for which Sean was Head Judge) and Grand Prix Toronto from the account of newly promoted Canadian L2 judge Charlotte Sable. But that’s not all! We have new listener questions on rules and tournaments, including a potential MTGO bug and a “What happens when I screw up my matchslip?” story. Finally, to top it all off, we’re giving away a handful of iPhone app licenses from an industrious judge from Down Under who’s made a great app for judges, and Sean forgot to cut a part out.

Send us your stories from the trenches, feedback, and “WPN changes are a travesty” rants! Aim them squarely at:judgecast@gmail.com

We’d like to thank our gracious hosts at Mananation and MTGcast for putting our show on their bandwidth, Carbon Leaf for our the intro music we sample in each episode, and of course our loyal listeners and Facebook fans (search for JudgeCast…you’ll find us!).