JudgeCast #310 – Much ReView About Nothing

In this episode, Bryan, Charles, and Marcos talk about reviews. We go over the history of reviews within the various judge programs of the past, their requirements in the future. We also talk about the importance of reviews, and a few tips on how to write a good one, and pitfalls to avoid. We even write a few review snippets on the fly.

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Judgecast #309 – Forging ahead with Judge Foundry with Joe Klopchic

It’s a brave new world, with the announcement of Judge Foundry’s launch date coming next week. In this episode, Bryan, Charles, and Marcos welcome Joe Klopchic, one of the founding exploratory committee members of Judge Foundry, and we ask the hard hitting questions you want to know about Judge Foundry. Things like will there be judge foils, what level will I be with this new structure, how much are dues, seriously what’s with foils, and why do I need Judge Foundry in the first place?

Seriously though, we cover as many questions as we can based on what the judging community has been hoping to learn, and have some frank talks about what Judge Foundry means for us all as Magic Judges. Oh, and Judge Apps is back, yay!

JudgeCast Discord: https://discord.gg/hQd48guKFR
Judge Foundry’s Website: https://www.judgefoundry.org
Judge Apps: https://apps.magicjudges.org


JudgeCast #308 – Lost Caverns of Ixalan Release Notes

Bears, Beats, Bad Seques into the next card
It’s a prerelease episode. You know the drill.

Oh, and WOTC is changing some card types. Here’s the info: https://magic.wizards.com/en/news/announcements/card-updates-coming-with-khans-of-tarkir-on-mtg-arena


JudgeCast #307 State-Based Actions Tier List

After the serious/heart-wrenching episode that was last podcast, Bryan, Charles, and Marcos take a significantly less serious approach to this episode. Everyone loves a good tier list. “Everyone” loves state-based actions (or would if they knew what was good for them). Watch these donkeys push the ball around the metaphorical barnyard as we rank all State-Based actions in the game based on our highly scientific and completely objective system?

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JudgeCast #306 Friday and the Five Stages of Grief

We do circle back on Anger a few times. And acceptance is a bit iffy, but….
In this episode, Bryan, Charles, and Marcos talk about the most recent Judge News. In case you haven’t heard, Wizards of the Coast has cancelled their relationship with Judge Academy effectively killing the company and abandoning judges. In a substantially more candid episode than usual, we talk about the announcements from WotC, Judge Academy, and a new player on the scene, Judge Foundry. We also talk about our thoughts on what happened, why it happened, and what we think about the future.

Our very own Discord Server, come say hey: https://discord.gg/hQd48guKFR
Insulting Nonsense from Wizards of the Coast: https://wpn.wizards.com/en/news/wizards-of-the-coast-and-judge-academy-partnership-ends
Statement from Judge Academy: https://judgeacademy.com/2023-open-letter-and-faq/
Judge Foundry Website: https://www.judgefoundry.org/
Curious about what a 501c(6) is: https://www.irs.gov/charities-non-profits/other-non-profits/business-leagues


JudgeCast #305 – FaBsolutely Abulous

You down with OPOP? (Other People’s Organized Play) Yeah, you know me. Join Bryan, Charles, and Marcos as we have special guest Niccolo Paqueo. Niccolo has been an L2 judge in the Flesh and Blood Judge Program for several years, and the current team lead for the FaB Rules Team. We discuss their game, their organized play, and similarities and differences with Magic Judging. Spoilers: Running Magic events and running FaB events are pretty similar, except when they aren’t.

Flesh and Blood Website: https://fabtcg.com/

Flesh and Blood Judge Website (requires account) : https://judge.fabtcg.com/


JudgeCast #304 – New Policy, Who Dis?

In this episode, Bryan, Charles, and Marcos delve into the updates from the first IPG update in over 900 days. Strap in, it’s going to be a doozy. Actually, the changes aren’t that big. But like a thirsty man in the desert, we are going to savor this little bit of a stretched metaphor as much as possible.

Toby’s Policy Perspective Blog: https://blogs.magicjudges.org/telliott/2023/09/06/policy-update-for-wilds-of-eldraine/
New MTR: https://media.wizards.com/2023/wpn/marketing_materials/wpn/mtg_mtr_2023sep4_en.pdf
New IPG: https://media.wizards.com/2023/wpn/marketing_materials/wpn/mtg_ipg_2023sep4_en.pdf
Judge Academy Statement on Misgendering: https://judgeacademy.com/ja-statement-on-intentional-misgendering/


JudgeCast #303 – Wilds of Eldraine Release Notes

Bryan, Charles, and Marcos respect the oxford comma. We also discuss the new mechanics for Wilds of Eldraine. Want to know how Adventure cards work? We can help. Want to know what happens if you triple a triple, we have the answers. Want to know what all the seven different role enchantments do? You are on your own. But we do talk about the generic rules behind them.


JudgeCast #302 – Pregame Procedures

New Host, who dis? Join Bryan, Charles, and… Marcos Sanchez, a level 2 that recently made the [poor] decision to move to Florida [at the start of hurricane season], to talk about a different kind of new start. In this episode we take a whole hour to talk about all the things that happen when you start a game. Do you know exactly when you are supposed to determine who goes first? What about when you reveal your companion? Did you know that at competitive events you are encouraged, nay, *required* to shuffle your opponent’s deck when they present?

Well after this episode, you will know all that and more!


JudgeCast #301 – Head Judge Announcements with Matt Williams

In this episode Bryan and Charles have on Matt Williams (aka Billy Willy) to talk about what goes into Head Judge Announcements. Do you want to know what to include in your Prerelease Announcements? What about your RCQ? How about that 2HG event at a Convention? It should be no surprise that while your announcements will have many things in common, there are also different areas of focus. Join us as we talk about those differences, from the Pre-Release to the Pro Tour, what will make your Head Judge Announcements pop.