JudgeCast #294 – March of the Machines Release Notes

Want to know how battles work? what about transforming tokens? How about Copy effects and Backup. We got you covered. If you also want to know the lore of Segovia and listen to Bryan yell at clouds, we have you covered there too.

Its a Release Notes episode. We talk nonsense.


JudgeCast #292 – Slow Play: I done told ya’ once already…

In this episode Bryan and Charles talk about one of the more subjective infractions in the IPG; Slow Play. We talk about its definition, it’s subjectivity, why it can’t have an objective definition and how to deal with players that might get upset you give them Slow Play. We even talk about Chess Clocks. No, really. Thats been a suggestion.

And, to play into the theme, this episode gets a Warning for being a day late.


JudgeCast #290 – Rules and Reddit

In this episode, Brian and Charles go over the few rules updated with All Will Be One and then we delve into a smorgasbord of recent reddit threads that have caught our eye while we wait for MagicCon Philly.

Topic 1 – Hold Priority: https://www.reddit.com/r/EDH/comments/10xqd6x/players_that_hold_priority_for_a_whole_phase/

Topic 2: Card quality/differences in general: https://www.reddit.com/r/magicTCG/comments/10zxfem/lots_of_art_with_these_weird_wiggly_lines_is_this/

Topic 3: Placeholders as Proxies?:

Topic 4: How to prepare for your first Magic convention

Topic 4: Card art with a side of dong
Potentially NSFW

Topic 5: Magic is expensive, yo.

Topic 6: Weird Judge Call


JudgeCast #289 – Phyrexia: All Will Be One Release Notes

In this episode, Bryan and Charles go over the mechanics and notiable cards from Phyrexia: All Will Be One. Toxic, Compleated, Oil Counters, and that one mechanic that has an exclamation point. Also at the end of the episode we talk about a workaround in EventLink for running a Sealed RCQ.


JudgeCast #287 – Judge Compensation

Happy New Year! It’s a time for celebration and resolutions for the new year. In this episode Bryan and Charles are joined by Brook Gardner-Durbin (@TheBG_D) to discuss the factors that go into your decisions for fair compensation at the various levels. Is judging your hobby, career, or side hustle? What is the complexity of the event you are going to be working? What is considered fair? Where do you have the ability to negotiate? As we discuss issues around pay, just a reminder: We are not lawyers or CPAs. We are glorified donkeys pushing a ball around the pasture. Consult your local, state, or federal laws before acting on any of our barnyard braying.


JudgeCast #286 – Missed Triggers

Talking about missed triggers has been all the rage lately in the twitterverse, and Bryan, Charles, and Samma thought we would bring it to your podcast listening device. In this episode, the JudgeCast crew talk about the philosophy behind Missed Triggers, how to identify one, what the opponents’ responsibilities are, and a little bit of a history lesson.

Detrimental Trigger Guide – https://blogs.magicjudges.org/rules/mtg/

Annotated IPG – https://blogs.magicjudges.org/rules/ipg2-1/