JudgeCast #282 – Unfinity Release Notes

This Wicker Picker with Sticker Kicker makes me want to grab liquor quicker than a city slicker.
In this episode Bryan, Charles, and Samma talk about the latest Un-set from Wizards. Un-sets are no longer goofy fun sets judges can choose to embrace. With the introduction of stickers and attractions into eternal formats, we boldly go where several other podcasts have gone before, and tackle many of the mechanics and rules questions you might encounter now that players have to register your sticker sheets on their decklists.


JudgeCast #281 – What new L1s should know

Join JudgeCast in welcoming new host, L2 from New Jersey, Charles Featherer! In this episode we talk about things new L1s should know but might not. Things like “Where do the judges hang out online?”, “Where do I get shirts?”, “Why is running an RCQ the week after you pass your certification is a bad idea?”

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JudgeCast #279 – RCQ First Impressions with Meg Rickman

In this episode Bryan and Samma bring on Meg Rickman to talk about the return of Local Comp Rel play. We discuss how it feels to “get back into it”, the return of local players, how to rebuild connections that might have atrophied over the pandemic and remind stores that they want to secure certified experienced judges early.


JudgeCast #275 – The Return of Premiere Play

In this episode Bryan and Samma talk about the recently announced changes to Wizards’ Premiere Play and a little bit about what judges can expect. Bryan rants (too much) about his dislike of PPTQs, while Samma waits for him to tucker himself out. Spoilers: Both agree that we are happy that something has returned, though.

Wizard’s Announcement: https://magic.gg/news/return-of-the-pro-tour-your-path-to-playing-magic-at-the-highest-level
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