JudgeCast #317 A Bribe Called Quest

“Hey Judge, Can I offer my opponent any extra cash for the RC invite?
In this episode, Bryan, Charles, and Marcos discuss the rules around bribery; what it is, isn’t, what’s legal, what isn’t, and how to handle some common questions that you might run into at your RCQ. If you are a player, this episode will help you stay out of trouble, but it won’t teach you the most common question of: “Ok, so I understand I can’t bribe my opponent, but how can I offer them something for the win.” That’s kinda the same thing.


JudgeCast #180 – Bribery with Eric Levine

On this episode, we are joined by Level 3 Judge Eric Levine, a member of the Player Investigation Committee, to talk about Bribery. What is it, how do you recognize it, and what isn’t bribery? Find the answers to these questions and more on this episode of JudgeCast.

If you enjoy listening to Eric Levine’s dulcet tones, you’ll be pleased to know that he also appeared on episode # 44 – Investigations and also episode #105 – Commandeering.