JudgeCast #63 – Head Judging Your First Competitive Event

On this episode the JudgeBros have special guest L1 Mark Bush on to discuss everything you need to know to be head judge of your first competitive level event. We cover everything from announcements, to talking to the tournament organizer, to what to do when the event is wrapped up. We could never impart everything you learn through experience in one show but we sure gave it our best shot!

(Midway through the episode Skype decided it didn’t want the quality of Jess/Bryan to be good anymore. Sorry about that, it’s still plenty listenable, just not the high quality we usually like).

Infinite links from the show:

IPG Flash Cards – http://www.bluewizard.net/flashcards.html

Decklists – judgecast.com/docs

Wizard’s Event Reporter – http://www.wizards.com/WPN/Events/Tools.aspx

Guide to WER – http://www.wizards.com/dci/downloads/wer_guide_%20V2_7may11.pdf

IRC – http://chat.magicjudges.org/ (After joining, type /join #mtgjudge to join the #mtgjudge chatroom. For the IRC-savvy, we are on EFNET)

Sean Catanese’s Judgebreaker deck – http://deckbox.org/sets/31969