JudgeCast #18 – Awkwardest. Esper Charm. Ever…and the New Penalty Guidelines!

The JudgeCast crew took a short road trip to the Bay Area to interview Toby Elliott, Level 5 judge and all-around policy guru. They talk at length about the new Magic Infraction Procedure Guide, Tournament Rules, and Guide to Fixing Common Errors that went live on July 1. They also cover how Progenitus can legally end up in the graveyard, how Emrakul can turn into a 0/4 tree, and why it’s sometimes a bad idea to cast Emerge Unscathed on a your Kor Spiritdancer. Finally, yes, the crew talks about Esper Charm in all its glory. Suffice it to say, if you were an enchantment, you’d be destroyed (not!).