JudgeCast #87 – Organizing a Charity Tournament

On this episode, we have special guest L2 Carsten Haese on to talk about two projects near and dear to his heart.

First, we discuss CranialInsertion.com, including its history, its purpose, and all the lovely things Carsten has done on it.

Next, we talk about running a charity event. Carsten has been running Cast a Spell on MS for many years now, and has some great tips on how you can run your own charity event. If you’re in the Ohio area, check it out on March 29th!

Links from the show:

Cranial Insertion: cranialinsertion.com

Cranial Insertion Layers Article: cranialinsertion.com/ooo

Cast a Spell on MS: castaspellonms.org

Carsten’s Twitter: twitter.com/c_haese

Cranial Insertion’s Twitter: twitter.com/cranialtweet

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