JudgeCast #117 – TO Talk with Turner

We have our very own April Fool on, L3 and RC Justin Turner, to talk about how to talk to a TO when you’re new in town. We cover such topics like how to show you add value to the TO, how to ingrain yourself as the judge for that TO’s store, compensation, and what to do if they store already has a judge. These are the types of things that apply to more than just judging at the store level!

We also cover some of the changes from the newest IPG. Listen and let the smooth sounds of Florida crickets put you to sleep as Justin Turner explains it all.

New IPG Changes: http://blogs.magicjudges.org/telliott/2015/03/23/dtk-policy-changes-for-judges/

Judge Classes: http://wiki.magicjudges.org/en/w/Judge_Classes