JudgeCast #302 – Pregame Procedures

New Host, who dis? Join Bryan, Charles, and… Marcos Sanchez, a level 2 that recently made the [poor] decision to move to Florida [at the start of hurricane season], to talk about a different kind of new start. In this episode we take a whole hour to talk about all the things that happen when you start a game. Do you know exactly when you are supposed to determine who goes first? What about when you reveal your companion? Did you know that at competitive events you are encouraged, nay, *required* to shuffle your opponent’s deck when they present?

Well after this episode, you will know all that and more!


JudgeCast #298 – Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth Release Notes

Bryan and Charles welcome back Marcos Sanchez to talk about interesting cards from the newest Straight to Modern set to come out of Wizards. Join us as we take a tour of the Shire, take a shortcut to mushrooms before skulking through Mirkwood and wondering just how many different Gandalfs are in this set.