JudgeCast #110 – FAQ Reforged

It’s manifesting time!

Just doesn’t have the same ring as morphin’ time. Sad.

On this episode, we cover the FAQ for Fate Reforged. We cover some specific cards and go over the new rules for Dash, Bolster, and everyone’s favorite new boogeyman, Manifest.

Fate Reforged Release Notes: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/fate-reforged-release-notes-2015-01-14


JudgeCast #109 – More FNM Format Fun

This is another part in our series on all the newly legal FNM formats, and how to play them and judge them!

In this episode, we’re able to cover the relatively-new Tiny Leaders format, Wizard’s Tower, Emperor, Star, Archenemy, Planechase, and even throw in Grand Melee for good measure. We hope you never have to judge any of these formats, but if you do, you should be prepared.

Links from the show:

Tiny Leaders rules and banlist

Wizard’s Tower rules

Star rules

Changes to L3 Qualities

CJ’s guest appearance on Leaving a Legacy


JudgeCast #108 – Fireside Chats

This episode is as casual as they come! The JudgeCasters have special guest Joe Hughto on to simply reminisce about whatever we want. Get a little taste of what happens before and after every show, and what happens at every Judge Dinner. Arguably, standing around with a bunch of judges and talking about is the best part about being a judge!

Oh, and we cover the morph policy change BECAUSE WE HAVE TO. And finally read some e-mails!

Links from the show:

Change to morph policy: http://blogs.magicjudges.org/telliott/2014/12/12/changing-morph-handling-in-the-ipg/


JudgeCast #107 – Code of Conduct

On this episode, we have frequent guest, L4, former Regional Coordinator, Smooth Voice Champion 6 Years Running, JudgeCast co-creator Sean Catanese on to talk about the new Code of Conduct document.

We cover why the document exists, what it says, how to report breaches in code of conduct and what it means if someone were to report a breach against you.

Links from the show:

The Code of Conduct: http://blogs.magicjudges.org/conduct/files/2014/12/MagicJudgeCode1.pdf

GP Vegas Application: http://apps.magicjudges.org/events/1674/



JudgeCast #106 – JAR of Knowledge

On this very special episode, we finally dedicate an entire episode to the JAR. This is must-have knowledge for L1 hopefuls, and really something every judge needs to know at all levels as the nearly all sanctioned Magic events that ever happen are run at Regular REL.

To help us, we have special guest L4 and JAR Boss Kim Warren on to guide us through.

Links from the show:

The latest version of the JAR can always be found at judgecast.com/docs

Regular REL blog: http://blogs.magicjudges.org/regular/

Judges for Charity: judgesforcharity.com


JudgeCast #105 – Keen Commander

Is that reference in the title too obtuse? Nah.

On this episode, we once again have L3 and/or fantastic guest Eric “Raging” Levine on! As part of our series on formats, we cover Commander in depth. Learn how to play Commander! Learn what happens exactly when your Commander goes to the command zone! Learn what happens when you Oblivion Ring your opponent’s creature and then lose the game! Learn a lot about life and a little about love!

Links from the show:

Commander rules and banned list: mtgcommander.net

Eric Levine’s Articles: http://www.channelfireball.com/author/eric-levine/

JudgeCast #59 – Sheldon Menery Explains It All

JudgeCast #44 – Investigating Raging Levine


JudgeCast #104 – FNM Format Fun

JudgeCast starts a new mega-series, to be picked up at some point in the future. The plan? Cover every format that was announced to be legal for FNM.

In this first episode of that series, we cover standard, modern, vintage, block, legacy, draft, and sealed. These may seem basic but you have a standard JudgeCast money-back guarantee you’ll learn something along the way.

Links from the show:

FNM Format announcement: http://www.gatheringmagic.com/news-10112014-fnm-format-and-regional-ptq-updates/

Episode on 2HG: http://judgecast.com/?p=593

Episode on Investigations: http://judgecast.com/?p=691


JudgeCast #103 – Slowest. Play. Ever.

In this episode, the quickest judges this side of the Mississippi cover slow play in depth! When should you give it, how should you give it, why we give it, so on and so forth.

If you’re a player, this isn’t personal! This may also be a valuable episode for you to learn why we are asking you to make a play.



JudgeCast #102 – Are you telling me you built an episode out of a Delorean?

The Judgers Grimm take this episode to discuss the recent policy updates! We cover changes to Drawing Extra Cards, Improper Draw at Start of Game, GRV, and also go over how to handle morph at Competitive REL events!

We also get caught up on some listener e-mails, mostly about the new cards in Khans of Tarkir.


Articles on Policy Updates: http://blogs.magicjudges.org/blog/2014/09/23/khans-of-tarkir-policy-changes/

Annotated IPG: http://wiki.magicjudges.org/en/w/Annotated_IPG

IRC: http://chat.magicjudges.org/mtgrules/



JudgeCast #101 – FAQ? We Khan Do It

The Khans of JudgeCast go over the Khans of Tarkir FAQ! We cover the new mechanics (Except morph, we already did an episode on that and it didn’t change), and go over the interesting cards in the Khans FAQ.

Links from the show:

The FAQ: http://community.wizards.com/comment/51284091

Morph episode: http://judgecast.com/?p=707

Power Rangers / Magic crossover fanfic (It came up ok): https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7235538/1/Mirridon-Force