JudgeCast #89 – A Type-ical Episode (Part 2)

On this, our second part of our two part series on types, we cover Subtypes and type-changing effects in detail! This podcast is not a trap and there is nothing arcane about it.

Uhh…curse your gated shrines? Urza’s? This joke is not as easy with Subtypes as it was on episode 88 (Which you should listen to first before listening to this one!)

Also, be sure to listen after “the credits” for One Weird Tip a local mom discovered on how to increase the quality of your podcast audio!

Links from the show:

SCG’s rewards changes: http://www.starcitygames.com/news/293_Judge+Rewards+Page+Relaunch+and+Judge+Compensation+Changes

The episode of Card Advantage with CJ on it: http://www.cardadvantagecast.com/2014/04/02/episode-053-a-theros-guide-to-planeswalkers/



JudgeCast #88 – A Type-ical Episode (Part 1)

This episode promises to be anything but basic, in fact you might call it legendary! Are you snowed in with only your creature comforts? It’s a good thing you landed here of all places in the world. Turn on this episode about types in Magic and in an instant prepare to be enchanted.

Through what sorcery do we put out content so good? We have special guest Aaron LaCluyze on, a fan of the tribe of Goblins and an all around scientific expert.

Unrelated, Karn is an artifact and a planeswalker. I mean, not really, but something has to complete this belabored joke.

Aaron’s twitter: https://twitter.com/lacluyze

Card Advantage: http://cardadvantagecast.com/

Monday Night Magic: http://mtgcast.com/topics/mtgcast-podcast-shows/active-podcast-shows/monday-night-magic


JudgeCast #87 – Organizing a Charity Tournament

On this episode, we have special guest L2 Carsten Haese on to talk about two projects near and dear to his heart.

First, we discuss CranialInsertion.com, including its history, its purpose, and all the lovely things Carsten has done on it.

Next, we talk about running a charity event. Carsten has been running Cast a Spell on MS for many years now, and has some great tips on how you can run your own charity event. If you’re in the Ohio area, check it out on March 29th!

Links from the show:

Cranial Insertion: cranialinsertion.com

Cranial Insertion Layers Article: cranialinsertion.com/ooo

Cast a Spell on MS: castaspellonms.org

Carsten’s Twitter: twitter.com/c_haese

Cranial Insertion’s Twitter: twitter.com/cranialtweet

JudgeCast contact info:





JudgeCast #86 – There’s No I In Team Lead…’ng

On this episode, your very favorite team is back again to talk about team leading and the individual teams at an event!

Learn more about the mysterious deck checking team (What could they possibly do?), the intriguing logistics team, and the always-beats-rock paper team. We also cover some of the new-fangled teams like floor, breaks, and somehow a spinach team as well.

And of course we give tips on how to be an effective team lead in any of these situations.

We also read e-mails from listeners just like you!

E-mail: judgecast@gmail.com

Twitter: twitter.com/judgecast

Facebook: facebook.com/judgecast


JudgeCast #85 – Policy and E-mail Spectacular

A new set is out, and with that comes new policy documents. We cover the minimal changes in depth, as well as take some time to get caught up on some e-mails (Including a few about Born of the Gods).

Special thanks to L2 Jeff Higgins for hopping on as a cohost while CJ was out deathly ill. So ill.

Updated policy documents can be found at judgecast.com/docs


JudgeCast #84 – Born of the Gods FAQ

Everything you need to know about Born of the Gods to prepare for your prerelease! We cover such exciting topics as tribute! Inspired! Devotion to multiple colors! That weird chimera that swaps things!

So exciting!

Also, a huge congratulations to Jess Dunks on making Level 3! What a heroic accomplishment, truly inspired. So much devotion to being a judge, it’s really a monstrous feat. We should all pay him tribute.

FAQ: http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/faq/bng


JudgeCast #83 – Cut Short

On this episode we cover Tournament Shortcuts! These are used in almost every single game, yet many players aren’t even aware they are using them.

We additionally have special guest Paul Baranay (L2 judge and all around Harvard superstar) on to help us out!

You can find the shortcuts in the Magic Tournament Rules at judgecast.com/docs

Paul Baranay’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/twotwobearz

Magic Judge Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/mtgjudge


JudgeCast #82 – Lump of Coal

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! We clearly don’t like our listeners very much so this year everyone is getting a lump of coal in the form of this episode.

We cover the most awful and defunct mechanics from Magic’s past. Looking for something you can use in your everyday Magic games? Nope! Not this episode. Looking for how bestow and phasing interact? Or want to finally learn how banding works? This is the episode for you!

We also of course cover the latest judge news and answer listener e-mails.

JudgeCast is now on iTunes! To find us, just search for JudgeCast on iTunes and and click the one with the JudgeCast logo (The others are related to mtgcast.com). Why subscribe to our site over mtgcast? You’ll get higher quality episodes posted the day the were meant to come out!


JudgeCast #81 – Two Headed Giant Cats

On this episode, the judgefellas team up to cover all the rules and procedures around two headed giant. Never again can you make the excuse of not knowing 2HG on those test questions. NEVER AGAIN

We also talk about CJ’s cats and pancakes because that is surely why you’re tuning in. And of course we read e-mails from listeners just like you!




JudgeCast #80 – JudgeCast of the Week

On this episode we have very special guest John Temple on to talk about the Judge of the Week project. In a shocking twist, we’ve been nominated Judge of the Week and so John interviews us about JudgeCast’s past, present, and future!

Judge of the Week: http://blogs.magicjudges.org/jotw/

We also announce our build-a-bear contest winners! The winners and their winning submissions can be found below:

Hideaway Cub by Jeff Simmers

Hideaway Cub

Bear Cubling by Phil Miller

Bear Cubling


Bear Cubmander by Tim Sargent

Bear Cubmander


Thanks to everyone for all the great entries! All entries can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.644870622202765.1073741825.105788072777692&type=1