Judgecast #243 Burnout

Burnout in Judges is a real thing. It happens to us at any level, and recognizing it is the first step in preventing it. In this episode we are joined by Canadian Level 3 Jason Wong to discuss Judge Burnout, what can cause it, what it looks like, and what you can do about it.

Also Burnout can target a spell that isn’t blue, it just won’t counter it.


Judgecast #242 Theros Beyond Death Release Notes

Oh yeah, Its a new year and a new set!
Brogan and Bryan show their devotion to the new set by escaping their day jobs and delivering you this godly podcast of pseudo-heroic proportions.
We talk about the rules ins and outs of some of your favorite and not so favorite cards from Theros Beyond Death. This is also the podcast where Bryan learns Elspeth has black hair. Who knew?


JudgeCast #233 Changes to Organized Play

Everything old is new again. Just when you got used to saying “MCQs are just like old PTQs”, we have to start saying “PTQs are just like old MCQs”. In this episode Brogan and Bryan talk about the changes to organized play and how it can and will effect events in your local communities.

Official OP Announcement:

WPN OP Announcement: https://wpn.wizards.com/en/article/introducing-players-tour-qualifiers