JudgeCast #112 – Be Kind, Don’t Rewind

Alternate proposed titles: “Backing up is hard to do,” “We got your backup,” “Baby got backup,” “Backup to the future,” and “The Way Backup Machine.” Also the words “Back that sass up” were said at one point.

On this episode, we have former host and Dawsons Creek fan Riki Hayashi on to cover the great umbrella that is Game Rule Violation in detail! We also take a deep dive into rewinds: How to perform a backup, when to perform them, and more importantly, when NOT to.

We also cover the other fixes for Game Rule Violation (including an exhaustive look into “leaving the game state as-is”), and the few partial fixes that are allowed. This is one of the most frequent infractions given at a competitive event, so there’s something in here for everyone!

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