JudgeCast #177 – Learning About Learning

In this episode, we talk about the state of judge testing, some styles of learning, and how one can study and prepare for tests without being able to spam practice tests. In addition to JudgeCast, we talk about lots of other resources for judges to learn from. We end the episode by discussing the list of things you need to know to pass the Level 1 and Level 2 exams.

Resources discussed in this episode:

Rules Documents:
Basic Rulebook and Comp Rules
(PDF/TXT Formats)
Comp Rules (Hyperlinked; Good for reference)
WPN Doc Center (IPG, MTR, JAR, etc)
Annotated IPG
Annotated MTR

Other Learning Resources:
Knowledge Pool (Weekly Policy Scenarios)
Cranial Insertion (Weekly Rules Articles)
Mystical Tutor (Judge Classes and Presentations)
Judge School (Available in English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Polish)
Jueces en Vivo (Spanish Language Latin American Judge Podcast)

Exam Information:
Level One Exam
Level Two Exam


JudgeCast #55 – Testing Techniques with Allister and Nicodemus

On this episode we have special guest Calvis Laprarie on to discuss tips for studying and taking the Judge exam. We also discuss testing candidates with dyslexia and how judge candidates with dyslexia can give themselves a boost while testing.

We also spend a few minutes discussing triggers again (And the act of forgetting them), and of course answer e-mails from listeners like you!
Toby’s articles mentioned on the show: