JudgeCast #114 – Limited FNM Format Fun

Part 3 of our mega-series on all the formats legal in FNM! In this episode, we focus on the limited formats that can be played in FNM: Solomon, Winston, Rotisserie, Cube, Back, Pick a Pack, and Reject Rare draft.

And of course we cover e-mails from around the globe!

Steve Argyle’s Playmat Art: http://steveargyle.tumblr.com/post/113178634660/judges-2015-when-i-talk-about-my-own-art-im


JudgeCast #109 – More FNM Format Fun

This is another part in our series on all the newly legal FNM formats, and how to play them and judge them!

In this episode, we’re able to cover the relatively-new Tiny Leaders format, Wizard’s Tower, Emperor, Star, Archenemy, Planechase, and even throw in Grand Melee for good measure. We hope you never have to judge any of these formats, but if you do, you should be prepared.

Links from the show:

Tiny Leaders rules and banlist

Wizard’s Tower rules

Star rules

Changes to L3 Qualities

CJ’s guest appearance on Leaving a Legacy


JudgeCast #104 – FNM Format Fun

JudgeCast starts a new mega-series, to be picked up at some point in the future. The plan? Cover every format that was announced to be legal for FNM.

In this first episode of that series, we cover standard, modern, vintage, block, legacy, draft, and sealed. These may seem basic but you have a standard JudgeCast money-back guarantee you’ll learn something along the way.

Links from the show:

FNM Format announcement: http://www.gatheringmagic.com/news-10112014-fnm-format-and-regional-ptq-updates/

Episode on 2HG: https://judgecast.com/?p=593

Episode on Investigations: https://judgecast.com/?p=691