JudgeCast #162 – E-mail Soul Brother

On this episode, we take the time to go over listener e-mails! We cover rules, policy, and some mysterious “other” questions. The mysteries of transform are revealed, and how many Emrakuls are too many Emrakuls? Also, everyone’s second favorite weird red card Illicit Auction is here (the first favorite is of course Goblin Game).

This episode may hold the record for our shortest ever (but maybe not)…and it may also hold the record for longest amount of bonus material after the episode is done. In other words, this episode was so rubber.

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JudgeCast #153 – Answering Letterrrrs

We have L2, frequent e-mailer, and pirate aficionado Kali Rainwater to help us get through our backlog of e-mails.

We cover policy questions like how to handle if someone actually drew out of their sideboard, or if you can scry 3 infinite times to order your library.

On the rules front we cover a ton of cards from Eldritch Moon and some wacky Blood Moon shenanigans, among others. We even have a special sidebar on what’s apparently the most confusing card in Standard: Spell Queller.

We even have some great discussions on what it means to be an L2, how to handle counterfeits, and what to do when you make an incorrect ruling.

Kali’s Blog: http://masteringcommander.com/


JudgeCast #146 – E-mails Featuring Daniels

We’re back with another e-mail episode! We cover a variety of rules topics and touch on a couple of policy questions as well. How does converge work with clones? How much information is too much on the back of a match slip? Who is our most prolific e-mailer? Can we ever be wrong in an answer?

These questions and more are answered on this very special episode!


JudgeCast #119 – Broganlord Brolumbro and other stories

We dedicate this episode to e-mails! We get caught up on a bunch, covering such topics as: What to do when a judge is wrong, rules questions with Dragonlord Silumgar, what is rotting in Jess’s fridge, assorted additional rules questions, and whether or not you can register in two different events. Plus much more!

We also take a few minutes to talk about the brand new Magic Judge Hall of Fame!

Knowledge Pool Scenario: http://blogs.magicjudges.org/knowledgepool/2013/06/05/the-devil-in-the-details/

Judge Feedback Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1d01SoySBQxdhfv67yQhl2Sp7Zq9Ung9NDwjwekdqf1Q/viewform

Hall of Fame Announcement: http://blogs.magicjudges.org/hof/2015/04/24/announcing-the-judge-hall-of-fame/


JudgeCast #76 – Failure to Communicate

We got so behind on e-mails we decided to dedicate an entire episode to them! Listen as we discuss bestow some more, talk tournament policy, CJ fails to pronounce anything correctly, and answer a whopping 24 e-mails from listeners around the world.

Links from the show:

Yawgatog Changes: http://yawgatog.com/resources/rules-changes/m14-ths/

MTGCast Announcement: http://mtgcast.com/the-new-face-of-mtgcast

Very special thanks to Josh Carr and Rob Chronister for the JudgeCast e-mail praise/song. You can find the song and the lyrics at the following link: https://judgecast.com/?attachment_id=559



JudgeCast #72 – Elliot Like It Is

The JudgeFellas take some time to get caught up on this episode, and L2 James Elliott comes along to join the party (And lend his special brand of Scottish flair).

We get caught up on e-mails, discuss the minor changes in the IPG and MTR, and for some reason make Doctor Who jokes that CJ just doesn’t get.

Midwest Judge Conference: http://apps.magicjudges.org/events/497/

MOJO 2013: https://www.facebook.com/events/471942189568359/